Recreational Gymnastics

The strenuous exercise involved in athletics strengthens the immune system, increasing resistance to colds and viruses while helping kids develop the appropriate motor skills for each stage of their development. According to one survey, school PE classes provide less than 1¾ hours of the 5 to 6 hours per week of vigorous cardio physical activity recommended by the American Heart Association to maintain a healthy level of cardio respiratory fitness for children age two and older. Gymnastics is an extraordinary sport that develops flexibility, strength, grace, discipline, control, coordination, goal orientation, confidence, creativity, leadership, a healthy body, and positive self-esteem.

Our classes teach beginning to advanced gymnastics skills using a curriculum designed in part by USA Gymnastics to offer progressively challenging skills for students. These classes are accumulative, i.e. the skills in Level 1 are to be mastered before learning the skills in Level 2 and so on. All the skills learned in Levels 1 thru 4 lead toward competency in the set of compulsory requirements of USA Gymnastics.

According to a 2013 study by T. Dowdell, EdD in his “Benefits of gymnastics participation for school children…"

“Gymnastics participation can produce positive physical and psychosocial benefits for young people that, as a group of benefits, are not easily attained elsewhere.”

“Reported benefits from participation in recreational and competitive gymnastics are: enhanced development of most of the fundamental motor patterns, enhanced flexibility, enhanced strength and postural control, enhanced balance, enhanced anaerobic endurance, long-term bone forming and strengthening advantages, potential for enhanced academic readiness and cognitive abilities, enhanced task mastery orientations, and enhanced skill focus and skill goal setting abilities.”

Head Over Heels has had the honor and privilege to work with thousands of students since we opened in 1977. Our sport is unique in it offers a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond learning gymnastics skills. Gymnastics will help build body awareness, discipline, and strength that will transfer to most traditional and non-traditional sports and activities. Besides being challenged and assessed on an ongoing basis, students will have positive social reinforcement, learn how to work within a peer group, and celebrate individual and group achievements. Our goal is to instill a lifelong love of being physically active in all our students.

Our curriculum was created with the help of USA Gymnastics, the national governing body of the sport. It offers a progressive challenge that creates strength and flexibility while building on a foundation of skills to attain elements comparable to compulsory level on Men’s and Women’s apparatus.