Girls Level 2

Ages 6 - 12 years
80 minute class, once a week
$120 per month 
(Based on four classes in a month. Actual number of classes in a month may vary.)


Class Goals

This class is for girls who have completed the list of requirements in Girls Level 1 to move up to Level 2.  Students will continue to work on properly executing skills of increasing difficulty and start to incorporate artistry and form to all skills. Conditioning focuses on the developing muscle groups in the upper body and core while building dynamic explosive strength.  Each weekly class is 90 minutes long and includes a 10 min. warm up, conditioning, and two to three events.


A list of skills that are covered in class include:

  • Flexibility (warm up)
  • Pike sit touch toes
  • Straddle sit forehead touch floor
  • Left and right leg stride splits and middle splits
  • Bridge



  • Straddle-on onto table (straight legs and hips up)
  • Stretch jump onto table
  • Kick to handstand, fall to flatback onto cheese
  • Punch off springboard to handstand flatback on 16" mat stack
  • Dive roll up to waist or chest height on to mat stack


  • Low bars
  • Pullover with feet together
  • Straight arm cast to bar height
  • Cast, back hip circle
  • Cast, Straddle-on sole circle dismount
  • Single leg shoot through and leg cut
  • High bar tap swing technique with regrasp


  • Straddle-cut mount to V-sit, swing to squat
  • Pivot Turn in Lock Position
  • Tuck Jump
  • Walk Backward in Releve on High Beam
  • Jump 1/2 Turn Dismount, Stick


  • Lever-in, Handstand, Lever-out
  • Handstand Forward Roll
  • Power Hurdle, Cartwheel
  • Back Bend
  • Split Leap to Arabesque


  • Pike (heels)
  • Straddle (forehead on ground, knees up)
  • Right, left, and middle Splits (less than 6" off the ground)
  • Bridge (hold for 10 seconds with shoulders over hands)


  • 2 Pull-up
  • 10 Push-ups (good form)
  • 10 V-ups
  • 5 Tuck-ups on Bar
  • 15 Candle-stick Jumps

Trampoline/Foam Pit

  • Front Tuck into Pit
  • Seat-drop, Doggie-drop, Front Peanut-roll to Feet