Girls Level 3

Ages 6 - 12 years
110 minute class, once a week
$150 per
month (Based on four classes in a month. Actual number of classes in a month may vary.)


Class Goals

This class is for girls who have completed the list of requirements in Girls Level 2 to move up to Level 3. Students will learn back tumbling as well as various skills on beam, bars, and vault which form the set of compulsory requirements of USA Gymnastics. Conditioning focuses on the development of the total body and building explosive power. Special attention is given to form, grace, artistry, and consistency. Each weekly class is 2 hours long and includes a 10 minute warm up, conditioning, and multiple events.


A list of skills that are covered in class during a session

  • Flexibility (warm up)
  • Pike sit touch toes
  • Straddle sit forehead touch floor
  • Bridge
  • Half splits stretch



  • Handstand Flat Back (with spot on porta-pit)
  • Handstand-hop up to 1" Mat


  • Mill Circle
  • Cast, Underswing dismount
  • 5 Tap Swings
  • Cast, Squat-On


  • V-sit, Swing to Push-up Position
  • Stretch Jump, Split Jump
  • Cartwheel to Side Handstand Dismount
  • Cartwheel on Low Beam
  • 3/4 Cross Handstand on High Beam
  • Round-off Dismount


  • Back Handspring (down wedge, very light spot)*
  • Handstand fall to Bridge
  • Round-off Rebound to Back on Matstack*
  • Back Bend, Kick-over
  • Half Turn in Coupe
  • Straight Arm Backward Roll


  • Pike (toes)
  • Straddle (chest on ground, knees up)
  • Right, left, and middle Splits (less than 2" off the ground)
  • Bridge (feet together and straight legs)


  • 3 Pull-up
  • 15 Push-ups (good form)
  • 5 Straight Leg Lifts
  • 15 V-ups
  • 20 Candle-stick Jumps

Trampoline/Foam Pit

  • Back-drop Pull-over on Trampoline
  • Run, Punch Springbaord, Front Tuck into Pit