Girls Gymnastics Development 2

Ages 6+ years
60-90 minute class, twice a week
Invitation Only


Class Goals

This class is for girls that have completed 85% of skills listed on Development 1 evaluation card.  The class is invitation only.  To join the class a number of strength, flexibility, and coordination requirements need to be satisfied.  This class meets twice a week and attendance on both days is a must.   Development 2 is a second part of a two year program meant to be a fast track to the competitive team.  It is a fast paced skill learning environment and a competitive attitude is emphasized.  The age ranges from 5 to 8 years old.  Students train for one year according to a curriculum that was specifically designed for the class.  Evaluations take place once every three months to monitor the child’s progress.  The final evaluation takes place at the end of a training year and will determine if a child is ready to move up to level 4.  Level 4 is a first level of competitive team. If a child excels beyond  what the Development 2 curriculum has to offer, has high aspirations to advance in a competitive environment and is willing to commit to training 4 days a week (total of 7 hour per week) the child is invited to TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program as described by USA Gymnastics at:  Student to teacher ratios in development classes are lower than in regular classes which makes for more detailed instructions.  It is possible to lose your spot on a development team. One way is to take extensive time off during summer (more then 1 month).  Inappropriate conduct on a parent side is another way.  We discourage sideline coaching, talking to your child during class, and destructive criticism that undermines any of Head Over Heels programs in any way.  Lastly, if the development program is too much of a challenge and does more harm than benefit for a child, parents will be assisted in choosing and taking a more suitable course of training.  Recreational gymnastics, circus, dance are some of the options that we offer.  These programs are noncompetitive, demand much less commitment when compared to the development or tops programs, and bring plenty of exercise, growth and athletic development for any child.  In one year of development class we cover what is generally covered it 2-3 years of regular recreational classes.   Class meets twice a week and each class is 2 hours long.


A list of skills that are covered in class during a session

  • Flexibility (warm up)
  • Pike sit touch toes
  • Straddle sit forehead touch floor
  • Bridge
  • Half splits stretch



  • Front handspring over 30" block (correct body form)


  • Front hip circle
  • Glide (proper form)
  • Mill Circle
  • Under swing dismount


  • Kick handstand come back to beam (floor beam)
  • Cartwheel (floor beam)
  • Back walk over (floor beam)


  • Back extension roll to a handstand (straight arms)
  • Front handspring
  • Front tuck (off of a springboard, land on the floor)
  • Round off back handspring


  • Handstand on the floor (hold for 5 seconds)
  • 15 second L-hold hanging on a bar
  • 15 second L-hold no parallels
  • 15 push-ups on beams
  • 7 Pull-up
  • 10' rope climb with no legs


  • Front tuck flip
  • Back tuck flip