Head Over Heels Athletic Arts


As many may already know, Head Over Heels is a non-profit athletic arts facility that serves over 1,000 students in each of our 10 week sessions.  We provide classes, camps, and special activities year round to all ages, but primarily for children ages 1 -18 years old.  Each year we serve hundreds of children through partnerships with several local youth groups and school districts throughout the bay area.  Unfortunately, not all families or partnering programs can afford to participate in the programs and activities we offer.  

Since the inception of our scholarship fund over 10 years ago, hundreds of underprivileged youth have enjoyed wonderful experiences from participating in our year round classes and camps.  Tax-deductible donations from families, friends and local businesses during our annual campaigns have raised as much as $25,000.  This funding pays for the annual tuition for as many as 50 children and allows us to offer discounted rates for local groups with budgetary constraints.  This year our goal is to raise $30,000 and to provide more children the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our gymnastics and dance instruction.

There are many children who are eager to participate in Head Over Heels’ programs.  On behalf of the Head Over Heels board of directors and fundraising team we request community support in the form of tax-deductible donations.  We are appreciative of any support provided.  If you are able to donate privately, please check for matching funds through your employer.  Many companies have matching programs that make their employees’ philanthropic efforts even more substantial.