Our Mission

At Head Over Heels, it is our mission to improve our students’ quality of life by helping them achieve athletic goals through programs that build a lifelong practice of personal, social, and physical well-being.

Our 501c3 nonprofit was founded on the principles that gymnastics is a natural foundation for all forms of athletics and contributes to health in body and mind. Research shows multiple links between regular exercise and strong cognitive function; we are here to support that holistic approach to wellness.


What started as one woman’s dream to share the joy of gymnastics in everyday life has grown into an extended community, opening doors to opportunities and achievement since 1977. From students and parents to coaches, donors, and sponsors, we all have a part in creating a dynamic team that brings its best, year after year.

Whether you’re looking for classes, competitions, or camps, becoming part of the Head Over Heels family means you get one-on-one feedback about your child’s progress. We know we’re not only encouraging an athlete or providing a fun activity; we’re also a part of creating a well-rounded student who has a growth mindset about life and learning.


That’s why we select coaches with experience in teaching techniques that emphasize positive reinforcement. Inspiring kids to do their best is so much different than telling them that they need to do better. Our goal is to show students how to reach the next level of their abilities by developing their own successful strategies for progress in and beyond the athletic arena.

At every level, from our recreational classes to our competitive teams, we make sure kids can build their talents in a way that matches their interests. In all our programs, there’s no substitute for the boost in self-confidence we see when students accomplish goals that might have seemed out of reach before, expanding their horizons about how they define themselves and their abilities. Our philosophy is that learning translates into life skills with the right approach.


In addition to our regular classes, we also offer ways to enjoy time with friends and family in fun, casual settings. You can book a birthday party, join our Parents’ Night Out, or come to one of our community events. Throughout the year, we keep the calendar full of activities for both kids and adults.


We’re proud to have served thousands of children and families over the years

We look forward to sharing that energy, tradition, and strong foundation with your family for many years to come.

EIN:  94-3304817


Behind the scenes, you’ll find a dedicated group of donors and sponsors. Their fundraising efforts have made it possible for Head Over Heels to extend class and camp scholarships to underserved youth in the Emeryville area. Partnering with schools and other nonprofit organizations, our dedicated volunteers continue to build more opportunity into our outreach.