Gymnastics Online Program Has Launched!

Just because “social distancing” is in effect, doesn’t mean your training needs to stop.

During the Shelter-In-Place mandate, our students still need to keep up with their gymnastics and fitness.

Our members will have access to our online classes throughout the week. Members enrolled can take any class times offered for their level.

Classes vary depending on age and coach, but they will include warm-ups, stretches, skills, and conditioning.

As an added bonus, parents of all children signed up have access to the twice-a-week Adult Gymnastics class.


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  • Class Format
    • At the beginning of each class, coaches will greet the athletes and announce any props that will be needed for the workout. Parents, we recommend being available the first (5) minutes of class to assist your child (if needed) with proper camera set-up and prop wrangling. Coaches should be able to see a full view of the child to provide proper corrections and the best coaching.
    • During each class students will complete a warm-up, do strength and conditioning, work on flexibility, practice skills & drills for specific events, and finish with a cool down.
    • Each class will be hosted by two coaches, a lead coach and a co-coach. This is to provide quality coaching and personalized feedback for each child.
    • All classes will be recorded to:
      • align with the standards of care outlined in USA Gymnastics policies
      • ensure we have a record of what is being taught and how (liability)
      • provide coaches the ability to rewatch classes and make notes on children’s progress and specific needs
      • assist with staff training and class quality and consistency

All Zoom classes will be stored on a secure and private storage drive. These videos will not be used for any other reason, including for promotional and social media purposes, unless permission is granted by the participants. We understand and respect your desire to not have your child recorded. You do have the option of turning your camera off but are doing so knowing that the ability of HOH coaches to make observations, corrections and recommendations will be nonexistent.

What your athlete needs to participate:

A device set up with the Zoom app (when entering the meeting, please make sure to rename your screen to show the child’s name to help the coach better guide the athlete)

A clear, unobstructed space (6×6 is ideal)

Occasional access to a wall

A mat or cushioned surface (yoga mat or grass works too!)

Long hair tied back in a ponytail

Water bottle

Household props that will vary from week to week (coaches will announce any props they will need at the beginning of class, please assist your child in gathering necessary items)