Gymnastics Online Program Has Launched!

Just because “social distancing” is in effect, doesn’t mean your training needs to stop.

During the Shelter-In-Place mandate, our students still need to keep up with their gymnastics and fitness.

Our members will have access to our online classes throughout the week. Members enrolled can take any class times offered for their level.

Classes vary depending on age and coach, but they will include warm-ups, stretches, skills, and conditioning.

As an added bonus, parents of all children signed up have access to the twice-a-week Adult Gymnastics class.


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STOP… DON’T DROP! We’ve gone online!

  1. STAY ENROLLED and continue your tuition payments.
    Full time enrolled students will receive our online level specific programming AND makeups for all classes missed upon our re-opening. As our specialty supporters during this time, you will receive special member giveaways, discounted pricing on other services we offer such as camps, parties, and parent’s night out.
    This option allows you to avoid re-enrollment and saves your spot in your child’s favorite coach’s class once we are able to reopen. You will be charged $50 a month to participate in this option in lieu of full tuition. When you freeze your account you will still have access to the online Zoom classes. The $50 tuition will be applied towards tuition credit once we reopen.
  3. DONATE the cost April – June tuition fees.
    All donations are a tax write off and help us avoid refunds and loss of income.

A heartfelt thank you to all the families who are able to stay with us through this difficult and unprecedented time. We have been passionately serving Bay Area families since 1977. We look forward to once again serving families and cultivating a love of gymnastics for every child we serve in the coming months.


In community,
HOH Staff


Online Class FAQs