This place is huge! We came here for their frequent date nights where you can drop off your child for the evening. Parking is decent, but beware of which spots your park in, as tow away zones are strictly enforced here.

Aaron L.


My daughter started this week and had a great time. This seems to be the only place around that offers this many options for gymnastics in the area.

The actual location is kind of tucked away but easy enough to find with GPS. The building is huge and mostly smells like feet. But hey, when you get one billion people in one space flipping, jumping, and spinning I guess that is to be expected.  So far we have enjoyed the experience. They seem very organized and able to accommodate all of the kids and adults that do gymnastics here.

Antionette R.


We’ve been coming here for a long time for a lot of reasons. Firstly, Joy. She runs HOH and she alone is worth the price of admission. She has gathered a dazzling collection of coaches who teach not just the skills of gymnastics (they produce champion teams here), but who more importantly teach children how to concentrate, strive, challenge themselves, fail, and keep going until they succeed while, well, enjoying themselves. It’s not a compulsive need to win that happens here, it’s more like nurturing self-confidence and the discipline to persevere. The result – children doing things in the air that continually makes my jaw drop. Joy creates this by paying attention and listening – without judgement – to parents, students and coaches. I. Our experience,  she responds to problems with thoughtfulness m, balance and wisdom. She’s freakin’ amazing.

Secondly – the coaches. These people LOVE their students. They’re strict, they have expectations, they each have their own style, and the affection they have for the young gymnasts here SHOWS. There’s a mutual respect between gymnasts and coaches at all levels.

Thirdly, the quality. I’ve already touched in this – the training here is superb. They break the skills needed down to and teach them sequentially, in a way that parents and students can see what leads to what. This may seem obvious, but we’ve rarely seen it happen with such effectiveness and clarity. The result? Kids learn that it takes STEPS to get from here to there, and they’ll learn as they’re ready. Helluva life lesson.

Finally, the kids love it here. The kids are engaged and challenged. Again, a lot of this is credit to Joy, to how she runs HOH and supports the families AND the coaches. We’re huge fans and have been for years.

L H.


This review is dictated to me by my daughter Star, who is 5 and a half. She just completed a 3-day winter camp. She says:

I like the Winter camp. They have good gymnastics routines and art, too! I like the other kids. I like the coaches, especially Bob and Kai-ya. I was in the blue group. I love all the gymnastics equipment, especially the trapeze and swinging into the foam pit, off the bar. I like how the coaches get me right out of the car for morning drop off. I’d love to go every break!

Scott P. (and Star)