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At Head Over Heels, our mission takes gymnastics from a sport into a fun, creative way to embrace the learning process. We believe that building strong foundations for physical health, social skills, and community spirit helps kids put their highest potential into action.

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Beginning Tuesday, September 8th, we are offering a safe childcare program that combines schoolwork support within a fun physical outlet.

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Gymnastics Online Program Has Launched!

Just because “social distancing” is in effect, doesn’t mean your training needs to stop.

During the Shelter-In-Place mandate, our students still need to keep up with their gymnastics and fitness.

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Whether you come for just a few hours, a summer, or a school year, we have flexible ways to fit being active into your family’s busy schedule. From parties and summer programs to our specially designed classes that cater to many ages and abilities, it’s easy to connect.

My daughter (who is 8 years) old has been going here for a few weeks and enjoys it very much. The staff was friendly and accommodating during sign up and answered my many questions.

She is in Girls Level 1 and looks forward to going each week. They train on the floor and on beams. The parking is kind of tight but I have never had too much trouble finding a space. They recently had their Spring Show which was soooo cute. It was nice to see all of the levels and what they have been learning.

Inside the office they sell gym wear for the students at a reasonable price so that knocks out any online ordering or trips to Target. The building is spacious with plenty of sideline space for you to watch your baby as they practice and get good videos and pictures.

When I first signed up they allowed us to do a trial class to see if their place was a good fit so there is no pressure. I like it so far and look forward to seeing my daughter progress there. The staff continues to be friendly and her coach has approached me after class to discuss her growth and give feedback. I recommend them 🙂

Kila L.

Exceptional coaches, friendly staff. Great place for both recreational and competitive gymnastics training. Our son’s L4 team had an amazing season, ending 1st place at the state championship and winning an overwhelming number of individual medals. They must be doing something right!

Corina C.

This review is for the Open Gym time, and Rick. I took my daughter (2 yrs old) here for the open gym time. It was pretty empty, and our first time there. Rick took time to set up activities for my daughter, teaching her to roll, and even a trapeze to swing on. He was very sweet and patient with her. Great experience.

Kaitlin S.

recomiendo la educación, la dinámica, organización, muy bien equipo y maravilloso maestro que han ayudado la familia Stable sobre todo en el desarrollo físico y socio emocional de mis niños.

Yaqueline M.

Difficult to get in a class. Most have a waiting list, especially on weekends. Great facilities for both younger and older children. Lots of bars, pads and a castle in the children’s area. Excellent way for kids to build coordination, balance and strength in a safe environment. Parking is pretty restrictive, make sure you pay attention to the signs.

Julia C.

This is a private gymnastics school for kids and teens (ages 3-5 in a separate area, ages 5+ mixed times at the big gym).

In addition to regular, weekly, gymnastics classes they offer a variety of fun activities including birthday parties (weekends only I believe), drop ins and scheduled all day camp during school closures.

Overall I’ve been very impressed with this place. My son works hard, has fun and it’s obviously progressing his climbing, tumbling, balance and other athletic skills. Head over heels is well worth the money and time for our family.

Chuck M.

“Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic party! My son had an incredible time, as did all his friends. The instructors were wonderful and so well organized. They were like fun party machines! Best birthday party ever.”

Caitlin, Head Over Heels client

“In addition to great classes for all ages, HOH has the best birthday parties! Both my kids had their 4th birthday party at HOH. Everyone (kids and adults) had a great time. The coaches kept the kids busy, happy and safe for an hour and a half. After all that fun, the pizza and cake was gobbled up in no time. Such a fun party. (Way more fun than Pump It Up). Thanks HOH!”

Chris, Head Over Heels client

“HOH, They say it takes a village to raise a child. Though we can put a price tag on a gym class, we can’t price a hug, a high-five, an instruction, plus all that you pour out to our children week after week. Thank you! May love, joy & peace be renewed in your home this season.”

The Snyders

“Thank you for the info. My son keeps asking to go back. I must say Jordan did Joey’s 6th birthday party, and he did an OUTSTANDING job. It was great that all the kids were led in gymnastics and some circus tricks and they had someone to follow instead of being a free-for-all in a gym. Jordan was polite and organized and just a terrific person to work with. This was back in April. All the parents liked it, too.”

Kim, Head Over Heels client

“Hello Everyone at HOH! What a wonderful card we received today for Jasper. We were so touched by your thoughtfulness!!! He just got the cast off today, he’ll be back at the gym in no time! Thank you again for the very sweet get well card!”

Deborah, Head Over Heels client

A great experience with parents and kids can interact together and have a good time. Both my husband and I were encouraged to participate in the activities and had the BEST TIME. We went for a birthday party, but will be retuning as a family.

Jennice A.

HOH is a great place for the casual to the serious gymnasts and Athletic Artist. Wonderful coaches and staff for all levels. Conveniently located in Emeryville. Both of our boys have enjoyed HOH.

Jeff R.

Went to open gym on the Saturday. Adorable kids and impressive competitive gymnasts on separate ends. It was way too crowded for me. I’m pretty sure there have been kids kicked in the head because they were running around in such tight spaces. Staff were nice. Gym is biggest I’ve seen in the bay area so far.

Jonathan Y.

This place is awesome lots of fun things for kids to do… Staff was excellent great customer service… If you kids can’t balance ,jump or flip handstands ect.. After leaving here they will have learn one or the other…

Dana G.

This place is huge! We came here for their frequent date nights where you can drop off your child for the evening. Parking is decent, but beware of which spots your park in, as tow away zones are strictly enforced here.

Aaron L.

My daughter started this week and had a great time. This seems to be the only place around that offers this many options for gymnastics in the area.

The actual location is kind of tucked away but easy enough to find with GPS. The building is huge and mostly smells like feet. But hey, when you get one billion people in one space flipping, jumping, and spinning I guess that is to be expected.  So far we have enjoyed the experience. They seem very organized and able to accommodate all of the kids and adults that do gymnastics here.

Antionette R.

We’ve been coming here for a long time for a lot of reasons. Firstly, Joy. She runs HOH and she alone is worth the price of admission. She has gathered a dazzling collection of coaches who teach not just the skills of gymnastics (they produce champion teams here), but who more importantly teach children how to concentrate, strive, challenge themselves, fail, and keep going until they succeed while, well, enjoying themselves. It’s not a compulsive need to win that happens here, it’s more like nurturing self-confidence and the discipline to persevere. The result – children doing things in the air that continually makes my jaw drop. Joy creates this by paying attention and listening – without judgement – to parents, students and coaches. I. Our experience,  she responds to problems with thoughtfulness m, balance and wisdom. She’s freakin’ amazing.

Secondly – the coaches. These people LOVE their students. They’re strict, they have expectations, they each have their own style, and the affection they have for the young gymnasts here SHOWS. There’s a mutual respect between gymnasts and coaches at all levels.

Thirdly, the quality. I’ve already touched in this – the training here is superb. They break the skills needed down to and teach them sequentially, in a way that parents and students can see what leads to what. This may seem obvious, but we’ve rarely seen it happen with such effectiveness and clarity. The result? Kids learn that it takes STEPS to get from here to there, and they’ll learn as they’re ready. Helluva life lesson.

Finally, the kids love it here. The kids are engaged and challenged. Again, a lot of this is credit to Joy, to how she runs HOH and supports the families AND the coaches. We’re huge fans and have been for years.

L H.

This review is dictated to me by my daughter Star, who is 5 and a half. She just completed a 3-day winter camp. She says:

I like the Winter camp. They have good gymnastics routines and art, too! I like the other kids. I like the coaches, especially Bob and Kai-ya. I was in the blue group. I love all the gymnastics equipment, especially the trapeze and swinging into the foam pit, off the bar. I like how the coaches get me right out of the car for morning drop off. I’d love to go every break!

Scott P. (and Star)

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